Protein Powders for Weight Gain

Protein Powder Products

There are so many products out there to help you lose weight that for skinny people it becomes a challenge to get the right product that will help in gaining weight. The popular opinion about weight gain is to eat a lot but there are still people out there who, no matter how much they eat, can still not put on any substantial amount of weight. When trying to weight gain the thing that should be kept in mind is that eating almost everything in hand might show on the scale but will result in a lot more Fat deposit than actual increase in muscle mass. Protein powders help you gain muscle mass. Check out this website to find best protein powders available in 2014

What to look for in Protein Powders

Ordinary protein powders contain only protein which is good for athletes and bodybuilders but when trying to gain weight you should also look for some fats and carbohydrates in the powder. If you can’t find one then try to add small amounts of carbohydrates and fats in your diet along with the protein intake. More importantly in order to gain weight you need small meals so protein shakes before and after exercise, before going to bed, after waking up and in between meals will help to give the excess protein that you need. These excess proteins will then get deposited in the body as fats that can later be burned if you ever need to lose weight. 

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Protein Powder Shakes

The use of protein shakes does not mean that normal meals should be avoided instead these shakes should serve as snacks or juice so that along with your normal diet you also get extra calories.

Just like losing weight gaining weight also needs proper planning. The main question is how quickly do you intend to gain weight? Consumption of 500 extra calories every day will lead to a gain of one pound per week. Half that amount which would be 250 calories per day will result in the gain of half a pound per week; gaining one to two pounds per week is safe. Moreover it will also help you keep tabs on how much weight you are gaining so that your weight gain does no get out of hand. This weight gain strategy should also include strength training so that the weight you gain is muscle mass. Working out three to four times a week should be enough to ensure that all the weight gained is not just fat but also includes muscle so that you get a well toned and perfect body as opposed to a protruding belly. Visit Creatine, Protein Powders and All for more articles. 

Creatine Pros and Cons

There is no doubt in making the remark that creatine is the most popular supplement when it comes to gaining weight. And there are also some feelings that go against the good reputation of creatine. So, a little insight answers and more scientific answers to some question would certainly help to understand the pros and cons of creatine. Check out for the best creatine resource on the planet.

What science says about creatine?
Creatine falls under the category of Amino acid type compounds. Human body produces creatine naturally. What science says is that half of the creatine that is needed for our body is created from the amino-acid of the body. Then what is about the other half? The other half comes from the food we eat. Fish and red meat abounds in creatine. Liver & Kidneys help to produce the creatine for the body. Blood is the medium through which creatine reaches to the muscles. Creatine supplement could be regarded as something like iron supplement or protein supplement.

Can creatine really increase strength?
If you are one of them who think that you would take creatine and the strength will increase, probably you are not right. You need to know a bit more to get a clear conception of creatine. Our muscles consist of two types of fibers. Type I is slow and type II is fast. Type I is filled with adenosine triphosphate. Adenosine triphosphate is fueled by Oxygen resulting in increased endurance of the body. The type II is the type which is influenced by creatine. The type II creatine increases the strength of the body and the more the exercises, the more strength is achieved. So, if a proper routine is followed and regular exercises are made along with taking creatine, it would certainly increase the rate of your strength improvement.

Does creatine cause kidney and liver problems?
It is true that there has been a lot of rumors going on about creatine that it damages liver and kidney. It could be declared boldly from the scientific point of view that creatine is not responsible for damaging kidney and liver. Yes, the word ‘rumor’ should be taken into consideration here. Because all the claims that had aroused were totally baseless and no real case came in front of us. However, as too much water retention takes place while taking creatine, the lack of water might arouse as an issue. This could be regarded as one of the cons of creatine. But this is not a problem at all if you drink a good amount of water. There are people who drinks soft drinks more and less water. These kinds of cases could also be deleterious to health. It is not a big deal but drinking water has to be increased. There are some people who think creatine is just like drugs. But this is a baseless claim and in no way it is acceptable that creatine is compared with drugs. Find another interesting articles at Protein Powders for Weight Gain

Creatine Before Bed – Should You Be Taking It?

Creatine Supplements

It is no doubt that creatine is the best bodybuilding Supplement known to human civilization till now. The creatine market is more than 10 million dollar and it is growing each and every single day. So, it is clear from this fact that many people are taking creatine and one of the most frequently asked questions about creatine is that if there is any problem if creatine is taken before going to bed.

We are in such a point in the society that we just cannot focus on a single thing and relax. A lot of thing has to be done in order to live life and in order to survive in this world. And that is why many people do various kinds of works to make a living which results in a busy schedule. If you are one of them, if you are not getting the schedule ready for you in other times of the day, you could take creatine at night before growing to bed.

Creatine Before Bed

There is no harm in taking creatine before going to bed. It is proven and many people follow the routine in their day to day life where they take creatine before going to bed. And there seems to be not a single complain that it causes any problem. But still some might remain perplexed about the fact that what about the energy factor. If a person is taking creatine and sleeping in the very next moment, wouldn’t be a waste of energy powerhouse? Well, the answer is no. Creatine moves into the muscles of the human body through the blood cells. And even when we are sleeping, the blood circulation of our body still keeps active. As a consequence creatine is stored in the muscles and it only gets into acted when any pressure is created on the muscle. So, it is completely fine to take creatine before going to bed and waking up the next day and starting the exercise in the morning, It would still work effectively on increasing your energy level, strength as well as power.

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So, there is no reason to get disheartened if you are taking creatine before going to bed. A lot of people are doing the exact thing like you and they are also taking creatine before going to bed. And the fact is that they are getting benefits, the creatine is working effectively and it is helping to get the desired shape on had desired through the hard works in gyms.

As you know the real facts now, from now one you could confidently take creatine before going to bed and you could get the desired shape by doing so no matter how busy your schedule is. Check out the best creatine supplements guide right here.